Friday, 2 August 2013

Nicole by OPI 'Kardashian Kolor' - Part 2

Here are a couple more of the Kardashian Kolor collection.

All Kendall-ed Up is a bright pink creme.  Was opaque with 2 coats.

Kendall on the Katwalk is a navy based glitter with purple, green and blue glitter.  I really like this one!  I achieved opacity with 3 coats.

Again I am not a Kardashian fan, but I really like this collection.


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    1. Ok... just wanted to edit, but that wasn't possible, so My comment got deleted...

      Love Kendall on the Katwalk, looks a bit like Water you waiting for by China Glaze :D

    2. They are such a dupe, I have them both and did have a great eye Anca!

  2. This is a gorgeous collection, I agree... I just... can't... bring myself to buy anything bearing the Kardashian name. lol.

  3. Such cute names on these colors! :) Really lovely collection.