Monday, 30 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 30 is A TUTORIAL

This is the final day of the 30 day challenge and it is A Tutorial.  I am not a big TV watcher, but I never miss Dexter and sadly it is all done :(  This is a finger print manicure in memory of the show :<)  I used Sally Hansen's White On (need a new bottle) and Joe Fresh's Cabernet.  I initially saw this manicure on Pinterest with no link to the creator, so I did a quick search and found many links to follow!!

I think this challenge has been a great learning experience and has forced me to try some new nail art that I have been avoiding :)  It has also been fun to see everyone else's creations!

PS:  My nails and cuticles really need a break!

Head on over to Instagram and follow some fellow nail enthusiasts/Bloggers create some fantastic manicures for 30 days.  #31DC2013


  1. Final day? o.O we still have 1 more challenge to go no? Honor nails? (: I love this design. I love Dexter. I am gonna miss him . This is the best design honor the show (:

  2. I LOVE this! I'm a huge Dexter fan, too! Can't believe how they ended the series, though. :-\

    1. Thanks Lu...maybe there will be a spin-off??