Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Madam Glam Soak-Off Gel Polish

Madam Glam is a cosmetic company that is cruelty-free, 5 free and vegan.  They carry nail polish, gel nail polish, lip products and eyes & skin care products.  I tried the soak off Gel Nail beginners Kit.  It includes:
  1. A top coat.
  2. A base coat
  3. A colour of my choice
  4. LED lamp
Madam Glam Soak-off Gel Nail Polish System
Press Sample
Madam Glam Soak-off Gel Nail Polish System

I'll admit that I have tried soak off get polish a while back.  It wasn't the greatest experience, the gel polish seemed difficult to apply and needed far more than 2 coats.  I was also not happy about using a UV lamp, so I only used the system twice

I set some time aside to apply the Madam Glam gel polish and was pleasantly surprised.  I picked up some higher percentage rubbing alcohol and some lint free pads at my local drug store. I'm not going to get into the application process, there are a bunch of instructional videos online.

The polish was relatively easy to apply, with 1 coat of base coat, 2 coats of colour and of course the top coat.  I think the key is to apply thin coats and take your time.  

Light Lilac (#324)
Light Lilac (#324)

7 days later

Light Lilac (#324) - 7 days
Light Lilac (#324) - 7 days
The only wear I thought was significant was at the tips and that was because I was unable to wrap my tips because of the shortness of my nails...so obviously I am going to get more tip wear.  The shininess is slightly less also, but I think that is expected with normal use of the hands.  Other than that this gel polish stood up for 7+ days, with no peeling, chipping or lifting up.  I usually change my polish every 2nd or 3rd day, so it was difficult to keep it on for 7+ days.  This would be an ideal system for a vacation or people who just like to do their nails once a week, every two weeks, or even every 3 weeks.

I did pick up 3 other get polishes to try, manis to come! 

Here is a great 30% off coupon code for the Gel Nails Beginners Kitpolishsleuth30

*The products featured in this post were provided by Madam Glam for my honest review.


  1. Nice colour I've never tried these sort :-)

  2. Such a pretty color! I received this kit as well but haven't gotten the chance to use it yet. I'm planning to try it out this weekend.

    1. I think you will really like the system and very easy to remove.