Wednesday, 12 March 2014

OPI's Let's Do Anything We Want !

Let's Do Anything We Want is part of the 2014 Spring Muppet's Most Wanted collection.  This glitter polish is clear based and consists of small white, 2 different pinks and larger square white glitter.  On the nail, in the right light, the darker pink glitter actually looks pretty dark, almost black.  This glitter was easy to work with, no fishing necessary.  I applied it over Sinful Colors Beverly Hills.

Please ignore the boo boo on my ring finger. 

Great subtle glitter!


  1. What a lovely glitter! I like the square pieces and I agree that its pretty subtle too.

  2. Oh man. This is pretty! I kinda regret not buying it at Sally's last weekend!

  3. I totally loved your base color. Pretty pink :D