Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art Challenge - 31 Costume

This is 'The Totally Doable Halloween I Have a Life Challenge."  This was created by Jasmine over at CaliforNails!  You can find her on Instagram @californials, FacebookYou TubeTwitter and I am sure a multitude of other social networking forums. Check her out, her nail art if fabulous!

This is the final manicure in the #nailartoct challenge.  What better costume then Jason's mask from the iconic Friday the 13th movie!!  I got my trusty dotting tool out and went to town.  I used Sally Hansen's White on and Black Out.

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Oct 01 - Gold
Oct 04 - Candy Corn
Oct 07 - Pattern
Oct 10 - Trick or Treat
Oct 13 - Ghosts
Oct 16 - Graveyard - kinda?
Oct 19 - Pumpkin
Oct 22 - Critters
Oct 25 - Blood 
Oct 28 - Monster


  1. Oh my god, how cool are these?!?
    LOVE it!

  2. They are really good Marianne! I like them! Perfect for costume!!


  3. Uh...I could have sworn that I commented on this mani, but I guess I didn't!!

    I love this mani so much! You did a FABULOUS job with the Jason masks!! It's good 'n creepy!!

    1. Thanks Lu! One more challenge down :) With all the social networking it is hard to keep it straight sometimes...LOL

  4. This is so cute and spooky! Great job!