Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ardene ACO Polish

These are a couple of store brand polishes from Ardene.  Ardene is a Canadian store similar to Claire’s.  I thought I would pick a couple up and give them a try, the colours looked very unique.

Lollipop Queen is a vibrant fuchsia bordering on neon.  Thin consistency, but achieved opacity in 3 coats.

Gala Queen is a dark fuchsia/purple glitter polish.

While I liked the colours and the application I would not buy anymore of these.  They had a horrendous smell …very strong!!  I would not recommend.   This is the first time I have not recommended at least a try for a polish :(


  1. Sucks that they didn't turn out that good. I have a Ardene but I've never seen polishes from them. I guess I won't be picking any up since they had a very bad smell to them.

  2. So true's worse than Seche Vite!