Friday, 3 May 2013

Hard Candy - Candy Sprinkle Collection

Hard Candy polish is exclusively at Walmart and is available in many different finishes and colours.  Here are two polishes from the Candy Sprinkle collection.

Gummy Green is a mint green with a ton of small silver and black glitter.  It was a little sheer but I achieved full opacity with 3 coats.

Cocoa Smore is a rose-taupe with a bunch of small silver and black glitter.  Full opacity in 3 coats.

I thought the 2 polishes were of good quality.  The glitter is very dense and easy to apply. Certainly worth the price.  Next time you are in Walmart go take a look!


  1. Very pretty polishes. I have yet to pick any up from this line. I keep forgetting to when I go to Walmart, lol.

  2. That's usually the first area I go to when at Walmart :)

  3. oo I love Gummy Green! Very cool colour:)

  4. Green seems to be my addiction lately!